How to Survive the Swedish Church

SWEDEN. The Swedish title of this book is Konsten att överleva Svenska kyrkan and it’s written by Helena Edlund who worked as a priest for 12 years. It’s well known that the Swedish Church is heavily left leaning and that it’s a very unhealthy workplace. And Helena gives the reader a look behind the scenes. It all started … Continue reading How to Survive the Swedish Church

Letter to a Soldier of Allah

CANADA. Algerian writer Karim Akouche, who lives in Quebec since 2008, have written several books. He is now an unbeliever and says that the roots of violence is endeed found in the Quran. The rest of this post is an excerp from his book Letter to a soldier of Allah.  As a child, I played … Continue reading Letter to a Soldier of Allah

A New Book

Found this beauty in my mailbox: Aron Flams A Swedish Tiger. He has done an amazing job researching the Swedish Social Democratic Partys ties to Nazi-Germany and the antisemitism in Sweden during the war. Among other things. I must add that Aron plans to get the book translated to English.